Hello! My name is David Raines, and I am ‘your’ current representative on Town Council for Grand Falls South.

You and our Grand Falls community are important.

What have I done so far for you, your family, and Grand Falls?

Before being elected I had heard the stories of Grand Falls of old, where Broadway Boulevard was filled with people, life was exciting, and there were no shortage of activities in the town. We had gotten away from this, and while change is inevitable, we needed to bring some of that excitement back.

One of the recurring requests is the need for more activities in the town – not just for our children and youth, but for the adults and seniors as well. I am happy to report that in my shortened first term I have been able to lead a motivated group of volunteers to bring some vibrant and exciting events like the Coasters Car tour which saw over 1000 people attend the one day event. The New Brunswick Day celebration which was the first in a long time and also saw over 1000 people, I also served as a member of the Grand Falls Regional Potato festival and helped to make it one of the most successful ever, I was instrumental in bringing the festival back to Broadway after years away which was very well received.

However the thing I am most proud of is the new LED lights that have been installed in the falls and gorge which were turned on October 29th and will remain a permanent fixture for many years to come. I had a vision of what that area could be, and through working with important partners such as the Regional Development Corporation and ACOA, I was able to secure the funding to move the project forward. The new lighting is a way for our citizens and tourists alike to enjoy one of our most beautiful resources. This was just phase one of a multiple phase plan to highlight the rest of the falls and gorge area.

Through the last year and half we have worked through some challenges as a council including the Marina file, I am proud of the outcome in what I believe is the right decision to keep the building, make the necessary repairs and look to make the building a focal point of a new development. The situation has not been without its challenges, but I’ve learned some valuable lessons which will serve well as we work through the amalgamation process.

Not every decision made is popular with everyone and I have also learned that some things take more time than many of us would like, I point to the building on Broadway and the ongoing work toward to a sidewalk on Portage Road. We all wish these files could be closed today, however the reality which I have come to learn in my first term sometimes take longer than we would like. That said they will both be closed in due course in the best manner possible.

Because of my passion for this town and the potential I know exists, I have taken the step to put my name forward to continue to “put my money where my mouth is” and seek re-election to the Town Councillor position and see the town of Grand Falls thrive for many years to come.

Over the years, I have also worked with organizations such as the Potato Festival, The Grand Falls Rapids, and my day job as the afternoon drive host of BOUNCE radio. Through these positions, I have heard your voices! And I also hear the need for change and opportunities for a new and exciting Grand Falls.

Vision for Grand Falls

As we move to an amalgamated region I believe it is more important than ever that a mayor, council members, and city staff must function as a team to serve all the electorate, with boots on the ground on the first day and continuing throughout their term. As your councillor, I will:

Continue to consult with community representatives to ensure you are heard and bring those concerns and observations as a voice on council

Continue to work to deliver affordable, inclusive, and accessible tourism strategies, working toward developing opportunities for existing and new businesses to benefit from an increased tourism to the town

Continue to work to eliminate the barriers to make Grand Falls an easy town to do business with

I believe in the process of municipal government, and in providing transparency in the process. As your councillor, you can count on me to provide this every step of the way.

I also believe in the people of this community, and I know that with my experiences and your input, we will grow Grand Falls into a healthy, vibrant, economically secure town for now and our future generations.

On November 28th, I ask that you vote for David Raines and allow me the opportunity to continue to represent you and continue to the work already started to make our new municipality the exciting place we know it can be.